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Erasmus+. France.

Title: Citizens of tomorrow

Description of the project: Due to the raise of extreme right nationalism in the EU and the reinforce of the eurosepticism. Mision Locale des Bords de Marne would like to organize a meeting between young people from France (Val-de-Marne, near Paris), Germany and Italy as a part of the a structured dialogue.

Project objectives:

- Presentation of the opportunity to take part of a European mobility project
- Stimulate the sense of belonging to the EU
- Experience the European citizenship
- Stimulate the involvement
- Meet new people, discover new cultures and new languages through the linguistic animations
- Create a European network

Partner sought:

Organizations from Italy and Germany working with young people.




Contact person: Mélissa

E-mail: m.khelladi@mlbdm.fr

Phone: +33 1 48 71 20 00


Publicado por europa en enero 17, 2018