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European Traditional Towel


European Traditional Towel

The European Traditional Towel is a project which compiles different examples of craft techniques from several European countries.

The towel measures 2m in length by 1.10m in width. Each Europe Direct centre will promote the cooperation of one or more local craftsmen who can include their pieces on the Towel.

Throughout the year 2014 the Towel will go through six Europe Direct centres from four European countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy and Romania) in order to add pieces of material made using different traditional techniques from each town participating.

Project organizers

Six Europe Direct centres from four European countries (Portugal,Spain,ItalyandRomania) will participate. The centres participating are: Europe Direct  Baixo Alentejo, Europe Direct Huelva, Europe Direct A Coruña, Europe Direct Lleida, Europe Direct Pordenone and Europe Direct Braila.

Cooperation at local level

The Asociación Galega de Artesáns (Galician Craftspeople Association, AGA) is collaborating in the makers selection and the promotion of the European Traditional Towel.

AGA is the most important profesional craftspeople association inGaliciaboth by membership and activities. It was founded in 1983 by a small group of craftspeople traditional and modern alike. Nowadays its membership is formed by nearly 300 workshops working in different crafts. Most of them have one or two workers although there is also medium-sized workshops. The association organizes trade fairs and other commercial events, workshops and professional meetings besides being an information point for all those interested in Galician crafts. It is the only collaborating entity for the Artesanía de Galicia official brand.

The association is a member of Oficio y arte the Spanish Organization for Crafts which in turn is a member of the World Crafts Council-Europe taking part on a regular basis in international projects with associations and entities of different countries. One of its most recent projects is Obradoiros Abertos, an APP for mobile devices. It is a geolocation free tool for craft workshops available to visitors, sale points, points of interest and craft routes along the Way of St. James. All in Spanish, Galician and English.

Our local craftsmen

- Liño de Galicia (Contact details)

It was founded in 1996. Its main objective is to disseminate the material linen as well as the traditional techniques required to manipulate it. Liño de Galicia´s work can be seen live in theVimianzoCastle, where the craft pieces made in the workshop are exhibited and sold. Free demonstrations are available every day of the year for the public. All kinds of linen garments are made in the Castle workshop: cloths, tablecloths, curtains, trousers, blazers, shirts and even ceremonial clothing.

- Obradoiro de Tapices de Galicia (Contact details) (Curriculum)

This workshop has more than 20 years experience weaving tapestry.The TapicesGalicia workshop is specialized in making high quality tapestry.A broad range of works include heraldry designs and reproductions of paintings in cooperation with artists developing one part of the production which is created by the author. The weft threads are usually wool or cotton, but may include silk, gold,silver, or other alternatives.

- Choridas (contact details)

This workshop is related to the Galician folklore. They update the Galician crafts and tradition. They offer  necklaces, embroidery, guipures like in the olden days so that they can become part of our everyday clothing. 


European Tradicional Towel Photos

  • Europe Direct Center A Coruña:

           tapiz europa.jpg                

         Liño de Galicia


        Obradoiro de Tapices Galicia                                                    

                 TDSC00181.JPGitle: Tower of Hercules
   Measures: 30 x 21 cm.
   Technique: tapestry
   Process: Tapestry woven into a tapestry loom, with cotton warp and weft of pure Virgin wool.Once prepared the design is placed this behind the warp as a guide then choose colors and moves on to weaving on a loom in this case with the technique of taffeta.We chose this theme by the symbol that distinguishes our city and be an international leader.    





BA10.jpg      DSC00184.JPG

     Towel exhibited in Provincial Council of A Coruña


    Towel exhibited in Mostrat, the biggest galician craft fair


       Associació Alba

foto 4.JPG

       portugal.jpg  portugal1.jpg 

  • Europ Direct Center Huelva:

      DSC03240.JPG  DSC03245.JPG  

        DSC03246.JPG             20140728_165038 (1). Jpg