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Antidiscrimination. Romania.

Title: “Come to know us”

Description of the project:

“Come to know us” will be a youth exchange which involve 60 young people Roma and nom Roma from 6 countries which during 10 days will create different activities In the city of Resita which to show to the general population of the city the real image of the people living in Mociur involving the young people from the community.

The purpose of the exchange it’s to fight prejudices and stereotypes which the general population of Resita city have about Mociur ghetto community
The objectives of the training are:

  • To create a safe space were the 60 young people to share and express themselves open using different types of arts
  • To improve the knowledge about fighting prejudices and stereotypes of 60 young people 
  • To increase the knowledge of the 60 participants about Roma culture from diferent European countries
  • To show to the population of Resita the reality about Mociur community
  • To increase the knowledge of 60 participants about how to use visual arts in fighting prejudicea and stereotypes

Partner sought:

Young people 16-30 years old, Roma and non Roma, artists, photograph, film makers, musicians, volunteers, bloggers, journalists.


Grebeldinger Daniel

E-mail: nevoparudimos@yahoo.com

Phone: 0040723202756


Publicado por europa en mayo 31, 2017