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Atlantic Area. France.

Atlantic Area. France.

Title: “NEOCORA: Naturally Evolving Organisms of artificial CORAL-steel reefs for littoral enhanced biodiversity”

Description of the Project: Harbour steel structures immersed in seawater (sheet piles, stakes…) are colonized by micro and macro organisms developing particular marine ecosystems including corrosion products. Cathodic protection used to prevent metallic structures from corrosion induces the formation of calcareous deposits at the metallic interface. This phenomenon is due to a pH increase that may affect micro and macro organism colonization. This deposit obtained by seawater electrolysis results in artificial concretes between sediments (shells, stones, sand) in order to restore and reinforce coasts and dykes, and makes new habitats for marine organisms: NeoCoral. In this project we target:
- Bacteria identification, evaluation of their metabolisms on corroded steel, protected metallic structure and in NeoCorals. Identification of molecules produced by bacterial metabolism to (i) understand biocorrosion and calcareous agglomeration phenomena and (ii) discover molecules of interest for therapeutic, antifouling…
- NeoCoral’s ability to trap metallic pollutants issued from human activities (harbours, plants, tourism…).

- NeoCoral’s environmental Impact: influence on organism’s biodiversity/behaviour/growth in the neighbourhood or attached to NeoCoral as well as of pelagic organisms (micro-organisms, algae, shellfishes, fishes…).

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CRISMAT - UMRCNRS6508 » France

University of Caen - ABTE » France

University of La Rochelle - LIENS » France

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University ofLa Rochelle(LaSIE) » France


Tél. : +33 (0)5 46 45 82 30

Publicado por europa en mayo 18, 2016