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Citizenship. Finland

Title: Europe for Citizens.

Description of the Project: Finnish Federation of Graduate Women is a non-governmental organization for female university graduates residing in Finland. They are committed to promote gender equality in higher education and work life.

The project is aimed at advancing equality between men and women, in particular senior citizens, and actively participating in the Union policy-making process to advocate for better coordination of women’s employment conditions, awareness of pension inequality and measures to alleviate the gender gap.

Through the collection of information, gathering of opinions, and comparative analysis, the project will propose practical solutions and produce policy recommendations at both the national and EU levels on measures to improve women’s pensions and to advance equality of pensioners. It also includes activities to promote debate and actions in the framework of the rights and responsibilities of the Union citizens and linking to the European political agenda and policy making process in the area of EU Social Security Coordination.

The outcomes carry high relevance at understanding and developing the socio- economic wellbeing and gender equality of senior citizens, as part of common European values. The project proceeds with partner organizations by collecting data in several EU countries, identifying structural, substantive and definitional differences that contribute to the gender gap in pensions, and compiling propositions for the EU Commission, with a focus on supporting national efforts to ensure a high level of social protection, including pension adequacy, by facilitating mutual learning and exchange of best practices. In addition to the data collection and analysis, the project includes building transnational partnerships and networks directly involving citizens, and actively participating in the Union policy-making process by organizing events to inform and influence decision makers to tackle the challenge of pensions equality and by publishing and widely disseminating the findings of the research, including through the use of social networks and webinars. In this context, FFGW has well- established social media channels and presence.

Partner Sought: Organizations/NGOs to cooperate with and take responsibility of regional and local activities according to the action plan.

Deadline: 2020

Contact: Noora Arajärvi/ Auli Ojala


auli.ojala2@gmail.com +358 505978142

noora.arajarvi@eui.eu +49 157 56428603

Publicado por europa en junio 15, 2020