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Citizenship. Italy.


Project title: “Euro-Mediterranean Art Cities”

Project description: "Euro-MediterraneanArtCities" borns from idea of the NGO Legambiente Campania(Naples, Italy) to create network between young people, association, citizens and other Euromediterranean cities that have a big artistical and cultural heritage.
Young people will discover the minor artistic heritage and co-create a new Beauty with help of the digital culture. The project fits in current period marked to economical crisis. Many young abandon out the schools and don't find jobs. The beauty of euromediterranean art cities could be opportunity for a new vision of development.
There will be three meetings between the applicant and the partners. Every meeting will happen in all of three countries engaged in the Project. During the meetings the three organisations will plan the activities to develop all together to be successful, they will evaluate any doubt that there could be during the project and they will compare each other on the experiences and the activities realized. 


-encourage the involvement of young people.
-promote cooperation between art cities.
-improving the creative spirit of youngsters.
-encourage entrepreneurship of youngsters.
-promotes meeting between young people and policy makers. The youngsters participate in the following activities: historical research of art cities, comparison between art cities(material production: cd,dvd,image,brochure paper...), research monuments and arts works (not famous but important), creation of a new tourist map, organize various events and the creation of an application "virtualguide" (in Naples).

Partner sought: organisations from Cyprus,Greece,Slovenia,Spain,Croatia,Malta and/or Turkey.

Deadline: 27/04/2015



E-mail: europroject@legambiente.campania.it

General contact

Phone: +3332027303

Phone: +3337401020

Publicado por europa en marzo 25, 2015