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Europe for Citizens. Italy.

Title:  “BET on! – a Better Europe Together”

Programme: Europe for Citizens.

Topic: Strand 2 Democratic engagement and civic participation – Measure Networks of Towns.

Description of the project:

Zola Predosa Municipality (IT) is looking  for Municipalities and Associations in order to participate in this project which themes are intercultural dialogue; young people’s civic consciousness and participation; youth activities and pro-activity promoting.

This project would like to work with young people between 15 and 29 years old (from schools/universities/associations/informal groups) on overcoming psychological and relational boundaries through the knowledge and the comparison between different cultures; acceptance and hospitality towards others seen as enhanced value; opposition to prejudices towards others.

Getting started from the motto the EU adopted in 2000, “Unionin diversity”, the activities will let us compare and learn what these young participants have in common and what, instead, make them different from each other, regarding:

  • Conciousness of being European citizens and awareness of the opportunities that this citizenship offers;
  • Civic participation as a duty, that let us fully benefit from our rights;
  • Volunteering as an expression of participation;
  • The values that we have in common (freedom of expression, peace, mutual respect).

Activities: activities will be realized through "video storytelling" to animate the debate on the intercultural theme and to represent the experiences and the feelings of young people. Participants shall getting to know/recognize others as individuals, possessing the same needs/wishes/interests, through English language but also through the language of images, seen as a way of communication to overcome language borders and with a strong and immediate impact.

Partner sought:

Municipalities and Associations that will coordinate activities and will manage a budget for it country.

Regarding Project total costs,Europe for citizens Programme, co-finances with a lump sum contribution each event realized. This sum shall be used to cover all costs necessary (travels, hospitality, preparatory activities and activities during events, coordination and dissemination), but particularly, to cover travel costs.

Each Country shall manage € 20.000 of EU contribution to:

  • organize the Event in its own Country (guests' accommodation realized in families/guests house/Sports hall); food; rental, experts to manage activities, local transports, promotional materials, etc.);
  • attendance to event abroad for its participants (travels, insurance, food, etc.);
  • coordination activities;
  • dissemination tools production and diffusion (web site maintenance, social network activities, burn DVD, leaflet, etc..).

All costs shall have to be justified with invoices and receipts.

About number of participants in each event, we need to involve not less than 80 people (130 for the final): 40/48 (90 in final Event) coming from hosting Country + 40/32 coming from abroad (8/10 people for each Country and 10/12 fromItaly, because we must include Project Manager and experts). Approximately 75% of participants shall be aged 15-29.

About communication tools, to guarantee dissemination about Project, Partners have to ensure the following activities:

  • create and update in its official website a page dedicated to the Project;
  • carry out contents for the Project official website
  • use social networks to promote Projects activities and contents
  • burn and disseminate DVDs that collect all Projects results
  • produce and disseminate a leaflet with Project contents
  • promote the hosted Event.

Deadline: 25th February 2016.


Donatella Brizzi




Publicado por europa en febrero 22, 2016