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Programme: Europe for citizens. Civil Society

Description: INSPIre-No-Profit Association for People’s Social Integration is looking for partners of the project "How Green are we?Debating, Learning and Sharing Good Practices for Greener European Cities" - Program Europe for Citizens- Civil Society

Summary: The protection of environment is one of the most important challenges of present and futures generations. Both direct and indirect effects of pollution are disastrous for humanity and the earth as a whole. The measures to contrast this phenomenon are really complex especially because pollution is a global phenomenon that does not care about national borders, while environmental policies are largely managed at national (and local) level. 

Although the dimensions and the complexity of pollution, many people started to act individually making and spreading awareness on “green” (or environmental-friendly) habits. Behind those practices there is the idea that every single good habit for the environment, if multiplied by million of people, may produce important changes. According to this principle, people around the world (especially in industrialized countries) decide to use public transport, eat less red meat, recycle, switch of lights, reduce water consumption, buy “greener” products etc. 

If environmental policies have to be implemented at supranational level, each citizen may give his/her contribute to reduce pollution and participate to the debate about those policies. 

This project focuses on the relationship between individual and collective behaviors to reduce pollution. It starts from a question (how green are we?) where the “we” represents the contribute that each single person, communities and authorities can do in order to reduce pollution. 

Objectives: survey, inform and debate environmental topics from a bottom-up perspective, involving first of all civil society and citizens, as well as local and European representatives.

Deadline: 1 September 2014


email to inspire.associazione@gmail.com

with subject "HGW-partners" including information about your institution. 

Publicado por europa en junio 30, 2014