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COSME. COST-TOUR-04.03.2015.

Title of the project: "Following the mammoth's track"

Description of the project:  The town council of Padul (Spain) is a local public governmental authority what is interested on create an European project mainly related to the figure of mammoth, and through this figure be able to create a transnational route that goes through some of the countries where remains of mammoths and prehistoric animals have been found.

Padul is the most southern place in Europe where mammoth remains were found. These remains date back to the Middle Pleistocene and were found in lands of the lagoon next to a peat bog in 1982. The oldest traces of human presence dating back to the Middle Paleolithic, that suggest the existence of settlements Neanderthals spread around the lagoon. More abundant are the remains of the Neolithic, including pottery and ceramics, bracelets, domestic utensils and farm tools.

Padul, nowadays, is known as "The Villa of Mammoth" because this prehistoric animal has become the icon of this town.
Recently Padul has a very striking and healthy tourism product, which is visited by thousands of tourists per year. This is a set of three paths called "Route of the Mammoth", "Route of the Homotherium or European sabre-tooth " and "Route woolly Rhinocero". These different routes go across the most emblematic parts of the natural environment of Padul.
In addition, the Padul town council has started the construction of the future center of the mammoth. This center will contain remains of prehistoric animals, information for tourists and a description of the fauna’s evolution of Padul.
With this initiative, the town Council of Padul pretends link different countries with a common historical image and get the tourists who visit these cities carry out a physical activity in order to promote healthy lifestyles.

Partner sought: 

- two SMEs – Small and Medium-sized enterprises - acting in the tourism sector:
For the purpose of the present call, SMEs being partners in the consortium have to be active in one of the following fields:
Tourist accommodation, catering, travel agencies and tour operators, attractions, leisure (recreational, cultural and sporting activities), tourism related transport, other tourism related fields if their relevance for the project proposal is duly justified by the applicant.
- one association, federation or organisation active in fields of "sports" and/or "wellness".



Irene Muñoz
Phone number (+34) 627 250 697

Publicado por europa en junio 17, 2015