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COSME. Portugal

Description: The Municipality of Porto is looking for an international partner to the call COS-PPI-2020-2-04, related to Artificial Intelligence.

The Municipality of Porto needs at least one public entity from another country to create a consortium and apply to this call, which implies an acquisition.

Objectives: The Municipality wants to create a chatbot for their Purchasing Division, to answer both their internal and external customers and to free their services for analysis and not to answer typified questions that come up in high quantities. Should an answer not be possible, the chatbot should signpost to the responsible staff member.

The Municipality wants to follow the development of the project, as they have already looked in the market and there is no solution tailored to their needs, yet.

Partner searched: Based on this background, our client needs an institutional partner and also a technological partner.

Deadline: 09/01/2021


Céu Filipe

AEP Inovação – Diretora

Enterprise Europe Network

T: +351 229 981 794

M: +351 961 786 409




Publicado por europa en diciembre 23, 2020