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Creative Europe. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Title: "Tuzla Live" Associaiton”


Description of the project/Partner sought: Aims and objectives of our organisation are to:


  • enable individuals (youth in particular) to have a chance to express and develop their creative, lifelong, entrepreneurial and social potentials;
  • spread awareness of and demand adequate responses to needs and potentials of our members, partners and local community members, from older generation and institutions/organizations within our system;
  • build, together with our partners, a culturally and economically richer and more diverse society for present and generations to come.


Association gathers around 200 members: (young) freelancers, entrepreneurs, academics and activists, artists, specialist/professionals, and others aiming to become the above. Our activities and engagements are project-based and led by an experienced and expert team of eight (8) individuals. Project teams tend to re-form through time and adapting to needs/opportunities, but members always possess PhD, Masters and BSc/BA degrees and certificates in marketing, management, social-economic-natural sciences, arts and various craftsmanship.

Our most prominent projects are: BRDO“ Coworking Space, Community Creation Programme, Re:ACTIVate – Local music scene, „Creative Cluster“, OPTIONZ Fest,TUZLALIVE Fest (Vote for Yourself, Do Not Let Others Vote For You), Artizans in Action, etc. Consequently, our activities and initiatives tackle issues surrounding unemployment, entrepreneurship, arts, non-formal education, etc. all predominantly targeting youth, women and other marginalized groups and populations. In 16 years of our existence and involvement in various project, our Association has developed a large network of partners and co-operants, both on local, regional and international level.



Anes Husanovic



Publicado por europa en marzo 1, 2017