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Title: “Ephorate of Antiquities of Lakonia”

Description of the project/Partner sought: The Ephorate of Antiquities of Lakonia is the official Department of the Greek Ministry of Culture, responsible for the management of cultural heritage in thePrefecture ofLakonia, in the Region of Peloponnese.

The project we have outlined concerns castle-towns which are not only considered as “museum shells” but are inhabited and constitute places of contemporary social and cultural activity and creation.

Partners searched:Italy,Germany,Spain,France&Malta.

Profile: We are looking for partners working in the field of enhancement of live medieval urban sets.

Deadline: 15/03/2017


Ephorate of Antiquities of Lakonia


Αγησιλάου 59, Σπάρτη


Publicado por europa en diciembre 20, 2016