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Title: Cooperation projects

Description of the Project:

A research group involving artists and university professors has been inviting the best masters for workshops on Clown Technique, Masks, Exploration of non theatrical spaces, Viewpoints, Body rythms, Dalcroze methodology, Grotovsky ethics and methodology. Besides those workshops, their members carry on their own research sessions around the common objective of developing improvisation skills.

They want to share the skills they have worked on and learn new paths to develop their central focus: improvisation in theatre, dance and performance. As final results they envision: 1) a presentation in several countries of work based on improvisation techniques 2) the edition of a kind of took kit with exercises and hints for all those aspiring to develop their improvisation capacities.

Partner Sought: Theatres, universities, research centers, artistic work centers

Deadline: 27/11/2019


Paulo Filipe Monteiro


Publicado por europa en noviembre 19, 2019