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Creative Europe. Tunisia

Title: Euro-Mediterranean Mobile Museum of Interactive Puppets

Description of the Project:

The National Center for Puppetry Arts is an artistic institution with administrative and financial autonomy under the supervision of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Since its creation, the center has been engaged in essential tasks: creating, producing and distributing a quality product that has been adapted to the changing needs and expectations of young audiences. Moreover, the C.N.A.M, participates through its own creations in the development of a specific aesthetic inspired by Tunisian cultural heritage, while being open to the world's most prominent experiences in the field. One of the central roles of the center is to support the child puppeteering theater culture and to promote its imagination through the different stages of its growth in order to help it fulfill itself and fulfill its dream world, its human world. To do this, the Center bases its activity on four fundamental aspects: -The production -Training - Animation – Promotion

It is the fruit of a search between the traditional and the contemporary, moreover its name reflects well that it is a miscegenation between the Euro-Mediterranean puppets going from Tunisia to Europe and the new technology for the presentation as well as for the exhibitions, the research unit, the puppeteers' academy, the workshops as well as the shows. The Museum is a personal vision of mobile puppets, a diverse exhibition combining different styles and techniques of modern musicographic presentation of puppets highlighting the power, technique and artistic value of our European heritage that stimulated the birth of this project. The aim of this project is to try to develop the meaning of the artistic presentation in the art of the puppet recent taking into consideration the diverse reality of the cultures of the world through a modern and itinerant exhibition of puppets relating to the vision of the carriers of the project. It is a project that targets the valorization of Euro-Mediterranean cultural heritage as well as cultural digitization: Euro-Mediterranean Mobile Museum of Interactive Puppets "M.E.M.M. I" An ambitious project born in 2019, in the study phase, but tends to promote the transnational circulation of cultural and creative works in the Mediterranean in order to facilitate access to these works as well as other values. For the presentation of this project, a strategic plan has been developed in several operational programs ranging from research, design, implementation and redeployment in different countries.

Partner Sought: Partners in the following fields: New technologies - Hologram - Puppets Arts

Deadline: 27/11/2019


Kamel Ben Dekhil

Chargé de la coopération internationale

Address: City of culture, Avenue MED V, Tunis 1001 - Tunisia



Phone: (+216) 92 783 077

 (+216) 70 283 319

Publicado por europa en noviembre 19, 2019