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PRESENTATION OF THE ASSOCIATION: Municipality of Santarém - Portugal

Santarém is located in the Centre of Portugal. Capital of the region is one of the oldest cities of Portugal. The founding of the city of Santarem reports to the Greco-Roman and Christian mythology. The first documented traces of human occupation dating back to the 8th century BC.
In 138 BC the Romans arrived at the ancient settlement, designating it as "Scallabis", becoming at that time the main trading post and one of the most important administrative centres of the province Lusitania. In the period of Arab occupation was developed its military cultural and artistic importance. Important milestone in the Christian Renewal that defined the Portuguese territory, Santarém was reconquered in 1147 by the first King, Afonso Henriques.
Over the centuries Santarém developed its political, cultural and artistic, having been the scene of several royal courts and local of music, theatre and arts, being owner of a rich heritage.
The Historic Centre of Santarém is constituted by a pleasant Web of narrow and winding streets, with lines and unexpected colours, sprinkled with small local commerce stores. The gastronomy of this region is well renowned, and present in several restaurants across the County, and annually here the National Festival of Gastronomy, and the Nacional Agriculture Fairy.


 -    Main goals
The Municipality of Santarém is starting a process of working together with the cultural agents of the city in order to establish a working partnership that allows to implement a strategy for participatory management of cultural activities, from the point of view of programming and fundraising.
This methodology is based on a matrix of joint programming that is conventionally designated among us by “Project In.Str”.
In means Inclusion of: Cultural Agents; Various forms of arts; Different audiences; Different audience's needs. But means also the reference to a specified territory (in our case) the historic centre of the city ofSantarém.

We plan the design of this programming scheme based on 3 vectors:
-    Visual Arts (Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Video…);
-    Performing Arts (Music, Theatre, Dance…);
-    Debates, (some in in Public Space) Seminars, Workshops… (a transversal line to the project development devoted to CULTURE and ART, and including a Forum for citizenship)
The application to the Creative Europe Programme will make possible the practice of sharing of good examples of work of the different cities.
Through the contributions of partners with experience in this area in particular (cultural and artistic revitalization of historic centres), and reflection to develop around these themes, will be sought to develop, adapt, create and implement working systems common to the partners involved, cementing the partnership and promoting knowledge.

OBJECTIVES:  Expected results
-    Develop the capacity of attraction of the historic centres of the partner towns;
-    Underline the European dimension of culture;
-    Promote the meeting of different forms of art present in Europe;
-    Create an artistic network among artists and art companies.

PARTNER SEARCHED: public authorities; NGO’s; private entities; Universities)
-Municipalities with a heritage city centre;
-motivation for the goals of the project;
-operational and technical capacity for the implementation of the project;
-good implementation capacity;
-Administrative and project management capacities;
-experience in projects financed by the European Commission.

FIELD OF ACTIVITY: Creative Europe Programme - Category 2 - Larger scale cooperation projects. This category includes projects that:
-Shall involve a project leader and at least five other partners having their legal seat in at least six different countries taking part in the Creative Europe – Culture Sub-programme.

Target groups:
-    The population of the Historic Centre of the partner Cities;
-    The population of the Cities;
-    All who want to be surprised by cultural events in a historic environment.


DEADLINE FOR THE SUBMISSION OF THE PROJECT: End September 2015 (we presume). Work plan: from 2016 to 31st of December 2018


Nuno Domingos
TEL: 00 351 243 304 656
E-mail: nuno.domingos@cm-santarem.pt
Address: Município de Santarém, Casa de Portugal e de Camões, Rua Capitão Romeu Neves, 2005 – 157 SANTARÉM
Website: http://www.cm-santarem.pt/Paginas/Default.aspx

Publicado por europa en noviembre 28, 2014