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Youth. Turkey.

Title: "Book Analysis-Europe Now It's time for reading!" 

Description of the project: Uluslararası Gençlik Derneği (International Youth Association) is an association that specializes in certain points: carry out studies on the international relations, social, cultural, education, entrepreneurship, health, economics, history, sociology, computer science, photography, politics and sport fields; ensure the development of civil society activities and working together with the people and organizations who are working on this issue also contribute to the development of youth policies; defend and develop the youth's constitutional democratic rights; provide assistance and solidarity among youth... 

The main frame of the KA1 project titled ''Book Analysis - European'' which is going to be actualized between the dates 05/09/2016 and 11/09/2016 in Eskişehir / TURKEY by Uluslararası Gençlik Derneği covered by Turkish National Agency .

The main goals of the project are listed below ;

- To organize encouraging activities for reading books. Such as; reading sessions, reading campaigns and briefings.

 - An atmosphere will be created to discuss all positive and negative effects of reading books.

- To create a website which can be accessable all around the world , like a project house and all the announcements including the promotion of the project will be managed on this page.

- On this webpage, We aim to create a library environment with 1000 book analysis in format of 2-3 minute video clips which made by participants of the project.

- To increase the rate of reading and to ingratiate of reading on worldwide with the recommemded books from our webpage.

The most important point is the videos.
It is intended to play an active role in the project from the begining to the end of the project by participants.Every single partner have to make 125 book analyze video about 125 different book promotion during a year which is the time of the project.Participant should present the book in English because of the language of the project.

Partner sought: 6 more partners from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Albania. Project will be actualized with 40 participants, 5 from each country. Participants should be between the age of 18-25.

Deadline: 16/01/2016


Contact person: Yasemin Fırat
Phone: +905424288134

Publicado por europa en enero 12, 2016