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Small cooperation projects

Description of the Project: POU Varazdin is a publicly-owned institution of the City of Varazdin. It works closely with the city, civil society organizations (CSOs), schools and citizens to promote cultural activities.

POU VZ works with the Tourist Board of Varazdin, schools, museums, artists, etc. to plan events/festivals focusing on film, the arts, music, traditions, etc. such that they include education activities promoting European identity and social inclusion. POU owns and operates Kino Gaj which can seat +250 people. It operates as a cinema and a multi-functional cultural space. Kino Gaj is used by POU and other cultural operators for the screening of films, debates, forums, theatre performances, concerts, and other cultural events.

Also, POU organizes courses, presentations, publications & debates on culturally relevant topics (eg. social entrepreneurship in creative sectors, the impact of culture on growth, etc.). POU VZ co-operates w/Croatian & European entities (CSOs, public bodies, etc.) to promote culture as a means of inclusive growth and organizes transnational actions based on intercultural dialogue, diversity & volunteering (EU values). By building on previous actions, developing new business models and exchanging best practices, POU aims to improve its approaches to audience development.

The project focuses on re-inventing the role of cultural operators in community development.

Within European communities, cinemas, theatres and concert halls have served as cultural epicenters that allow people to come together and experience different cultures, perspectives and stories. With new digital technologies in place and the ever-changing needs of audiences, cultural operators need to apply segment-specific approaches that engage specific groups and encourage them to use and experience already established cultural spaces. Through this project, the partnership will gain the tools, capacities and structures/models needed to keep up with audiences’ preferences (especially regarding film, theatre, concerts, and organizing cultural events).

The project focuses on the priority “capacity building” with a specific focus on developing new business models that sustain the activities of multi-purpose cultural spaces (i.e. that serve as cinemas for domestic films, theatres, concert halls, and other events). Training, exchanges/mobility and new digital tools will be developed/tailored to the needs of the partnership. Pilot events will also be developed and tested (in line with new business models) in order to engage audiences, especially youth. The main themes included in the project are film, video and cinema and its role in the community. Theatre and music are also included (concert organizations) as secondary themes.

The intended duration of the project is 24 months.

Partner Sought: EU-28, EU candidate countries, countries included in the European Neighborhood Policy

*Countries covered by Creative Europe

Partners should own and operate relevant multi-functional spaces (i.e. spaces used for screening films, theatre performances, concerts, etc.) and they should be aiming to upgrade or adapt these spaces via new business models, digital tools, new equipment, etc. Such spaces included in the project should already be used for various public functions and cultural events. The partners should also be engaged in cultural activities via the organization of education activities, events, networking activities, etc.


If the partner has previous EU project experience, it is considered a plus.

Deadline: 25/10/2019

Contact: Lana Velimirović Vukalović, Director

POU Varazdin

Hallerova aleja 1/II.

42000 Varaždin

Tel: +385 42 313 191

E-mail: vukalovic@pouvarazdin.hr


Patrick Galeski,


Galeski Management Services j.d.o.o.

Zagrebačka 19, 42000 Varazdin

Tel : +385 99 259 3894

E-mail : patrickgaleski@gmail.com

Publicado por europa en octubre 14, 2019