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Culture. Cyprus

Title: Cultural heritage/ Modern technology / refugee and Immigrants of children

Description of the Project:

The project aims to study the contemporary events of war and refugee as visually expressed in children’s artworks. A multidisciplinary analysis approach in the collection of the children’s artworks on war and refugee issues can help to understand how these children experienced these circumstances and represent it through their artworks. Moreover, modern technology can help to analyze these works in addition to these, modern technology can assist to create educational material that will increase awareness of people what the refugees experienced and help so to reduce racism and people accept refugees as part of the society.

Partner Sought: Museums, Universities, Research Centers, NGO focusing on art and cultural education from any country, preferably: Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Malta, Greece,  Serbia, Croatian, Slovenia, Bosnia–Herzegovina, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Iceland, Norway, Kosovo, Austria.  

Deadline: December 2019

Contact: Telephone: 0035725002180

Email: gkantzid@cytanet.com.cy

 marios.zervas@cut.ac.cy, s.giannoulakis@cut.ac.cy

Publicado por europa en octubre 8, 2019