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Culture. Denmark

Title: Aarhus Walks on Water (AWOW)

Description of the Project:

Aarhus Walks on Water (AWOW) fosters spectacular open air fashiontech events on (or near) water in urban settings. AWOW events combine the performance arts, dancers, fashion makers, state-of-the-art technology pioneers, national and international talent development, academic programs as well as fashion presentations to +1000 audiences.

AWOW 2020-2022 will concentrate on three major themes establishing a cross sectoral European network, working together towards an open air event in 2021.:

1) body enablement and welfare technology

2) audience development through cross sectoral networks

3) talent development in co-creation

The preparation and co-creation will be organized in workshops.

Partner Sought:

AWOW is looking for partners, who e.g. could be players within or representing clusters/hubs within the creative, digital, tech, fashion, creative or cultural industry. They also welcome regional, municipal, and academic partners.

They particularly look for partners engaging in cultural creative/tech updating fashion and textile industries.

They  also look for partners engaging in the crossover between body enablement, performance and technology. But also partners who can contribute to audience and talent development. AWOW has successfully had young cutting-edge designers taking part in a mentor program supported by local industry.

They are equally looking for talent development with tech talents.

Portugal (Porto) - Finland (Tampere) – Belgium (Antwerp) – NL (Eindhoven)

Deadline: 27/11/2019


 Marianne Huang – mph@cc.au.dk      - +45 5137 1208

Lene Elsner – lene.elsner@gmail.com    - +45 2118 6224


http://awow 2018.aarhuswalksonwater.dk/

Publicado por europa en octubre 18, 2019