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Culture. Estonia

Title: The Estonian Pilgrim Route

Description of the Project: A convent in Estonia wishes to develop a pilgrim route with places to rest and pray. The route should be appealing to believers but also so people interested in cultural heritage.

Partner Sought:

From Sweden they have been in contact with an organization called Pilgrim in Sweden (Riksförbundet Pilgrim i Sverige, who have shown interest in participating in the project. Their website: https://www.pilgrimisverige.se/

Therefore, they are looking for third partner from Spain, Portugal, France or Austria - countries where the pilgrimage is well known and developed.

e.g. Museum, Cultural Centre, University, company… or a specific know-how/experience….

Deadline: 30/06/2019


 Website of the Pilgrimage Route:


Website of the Pirita Convent:


Interested project partners please contact liina@europroject.ee

Publicado por europa en junio 11, 2019