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Culture. Finland.

Title: “Empowerment through community, culture and cultivation 2”


Description of the project/Partner sought: Cultural happenings, community tasks and sharing every day life, ecological building and biodynamic farming.

We want to offer opportunities to learn to live and work together with different kind of people respecting each other as equal. Volunteers can get experiences of empowerment from community life, sharing and helping each other in every day life. We try to enrich culture inside our village and community surrounding. We need help to to arrange small and big happening, taking care of visitors, providing healthy food from the field to the table. In our project volunteers also participate to ecological farming and building, and share the community tasks. By doing multiple work one can learn many new skills and one's own strengths. We focus on cultivating of land and ourselves. Places for 7 or 12 months.

Deadline: 15/08/2016



Jonna Kolkka

E-mail: kurjenekokylayhdistys@gmail.com


Publicado por europa en julio 14, 2016