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Culture. France.

Title: European Youth Music Festival #1

Description of the project: The idea is meeting other young people of other cultures, by sharing the scene in a semi-rural location in the east of FR. The objectives are : offering the possibility for young artists to meet each others in one location. Sharing experiences and create an inter cultural dialogue. Permitting to young people to be part of a better living-together in Europe, in a strong partnership and feel a real european citizen. The point is also reinforcing the links between countries, between young people and opening their minds to others european cultures.

Partner sought: 4 partners for this project, so 4 bands. One of the full members of the band must be between 13 to 25 years old.

Deadline: 26/01/2018.


Netzer Sébastien

E-mail: sdg.netzer@gmail.com

Phone: +33619795812


Publicado por europa en octubre 4, 2017