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Culture. France

Description of the Project: Alcoléa & cie, a non profit association, offers a set of creative workshops which aim at helping people develop their personality, creativity and thus better succeed within their studies and life project. The health crisis linked to COVID-19 hit the creative fields very especially and created new social and economical challenges. Therefore, their project aims to create an innovative approach for culture distribution by digital modern tools of distance communication. The project’s main objectives are:

  • to provide people with image and film-making education, skills and knowledge
  • to contribute to people’s expansion of creativity, fulfilment, personality assertion and critical abilities
  • to create innovative learning digital tools, education materials and methods than can be used during the pandemic crisis
  • to promote intercultural dialogue, and allow people to exchange views and opinions 

Partner sought: They are looking for partners eligible to Europe Creative Culture cooperative scheme, Erasmus + and other programs involving education and culture. They are looking for a project’s coordinator and for two types of partners: a digital company or research/academic partner and a school or educational institution. 

Deadline: 30/06/2021

Contact: Jean-François Alcoléa

Publicado por europa en octubre 5, 2020