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Title:  Come & Go!

Description of the Project: The goal of the project is to encourage, support and develop the creativity of young artists. In this regard, the Goldoni Theatre Foundation proposes to become leader of an international network of artists aimed to:

- support the development of a proactive strategy for cultural contamination and fusion of arts;

- promote a cultural approach based on respect, cosmopolitanism and mobility of artists;

- encourage the European artistic production and contamination;

- support artists coming from poor and non-European contexts.

The main idea is to create an European network which is able to share resources in order to promote a real dialogue between different artistic and cultural makers (actors, singers, dancers, musicians, video makers, photographers, visual artists and so on), to give hospitality to artists and to promote mobility as essential means for cultural promotion and dissemination.


Target Group: European and non-European young artists from 18 to 35 years old (Part of the target is a selected group of young artists from extra-European countries).

Project activities: Theatre, lyric, dance and music productions mobility; Micro-events (Shows, performances, exhibitions); Artistic residencies for young artists; Publication of artistic and photographic works; Artistic workshops and training; Video Production; Local cultural heritage promotion; Creation and dissemination of artistic and visual products; Web platform for cultural and artistic sharing and dissemination; Pop-up Theatres; Bigger events and festivals.

Partner Sought: The project is going to involve a European network of different organizations, such as theatres (Opera, prose, dance, musical and music), schools or academies of photography or digital arts, academies of fine arts, association for cultural and artistic promotion.

An ideal partner should be innovative and dynamic, enough visionary to believe in positive change and evolution, able to interface itself with different cultural artistic codes and models, hungry for new experiences and contamination of arts and creativity.

The partners should be based on one of these countries: Spain, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, France, Netherland, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania.

Deadline: 11-12/2019

Contact:  Mr. Paolo Fattori (Project Development Manager)

Mail: pfattori63@gmail.com

Mobile: +39 349 2366049

Publicado por europa en junio 14, 2019