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Programme: Creative Europe 

Description: Connecting Cultures looks for partners in Europe for the project "Ergonomica: the relation between dance and architecture" in order to participate in the next call for proposal Creative Europe - Cooperation projects (next call to be published on July 2104 - deadline October 2014). Connecting Cultures is a non profit research agency based in Milan (Italy) active in the field of the Visual Arts. 
Founded by Anna Detheridge (contemporary art curator and theorist) in 2001, Connecting Cultures is committed to an inclusive approach to culture and an action research based method of working in the public sector. Connecting Cultures works with artists, designers, architects, performers and the public aiming at bring them together in evocative ways. 
Its approach is interdisciplinary and cross cultural. 

Objective: is to promote the relation between dance and architecture in contemporary and global context of urban areas. 

The project underlines the relation between human body and the built environment: the border between the living human body capable of creative movement and the non-living, stable, architectonic structure is the place where the research sets itself, sorting out how the two polarities can influence each other. 
Dance and architecture shape the space: on one hand through movement coming from a force within, a body, through choreographic movement, interacts with the space around giving it a form and a meaning; on the other hand, architecture creates the space where this movement is possible either infringing or liberating energy. 
The project will develop an innovative joint approach: architecture will be considered not just as the practice of constructing buildings; in the same way dance won’t just be considered as a sense of movement; with the social, physical and psychological impacts on modern society. 
The project will analyze dance and architecture as creative process rather than as final products. 
Finally, the project will pay particular attention to the audience development, involvement of local communities with regard to the perception of space and the potential use of public space. 

Profile required: Cultural and creative organisations active in the fields of the project: dance companies, university and research centres for architecture, other. Priority will be given to candidate partners that can provide evidence of experiences in EU funded projects and experience of similar actions. 

Deadline: 30rd July 2014. 

Mr. Emiliano Crotti 
Milano – Italy 
Tel.: (+39) 02.6672181 
e-mail: emiliano.crotti@gmail.com

Publicado por europa en julio 10, 2014