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Name of the project: "Young people build Europe“

Description of the project: The University of L' Aquila in Italy promotes the research "Young people build Europe“ with the aim to analyze perceptions, opinions and representations that they are constructed of adult society in which they are about to enter. In particular, is more than ever appropriate to explore their values, social and cultural norms that guide behavior, as well as the lifestyles and consumption patterns that dictate their use of cultural practices, territorial and environmental.
The analysis shown here will be conducted by three different research team from european universities or research bodies (involved in the project with a view strictly comparative; it is our belief, in fact, that the encounter between young people from different social and cultural contexts (Northern Europe, of 'East and Mediterranean), will allow researchers to grasp those structural elements on which it rests, today, European identity, but also to better understand any difficulties that might inhibit the affirmation of common public policies more supportive and participatory.
In this perspective, in a European context path from a worrying economic crisis, the proposed project will also aim to promote a dialogue between different generations, comparing the expectations and perceptions of young people and adults about the future, in an attempt to identify a pattern development of more balanced and sustainable.

Target of the project : young people (18-29) 

Partner sought: The University of L’Aquila research for this project two european partners (university or research body).


Giovanna Casolaro
Europroject and events
Via Mario Marchetti 21
Grosseto, Italy
Phone: 3346554061



Publicado por europa en febrero 16, 2015