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Culture. Italy.

Culture. Italy.

Title: “From Marble to Digital, the Evolution in the Art”

Description of the Project / Partner sought: 3 days, during which will be organized an Art Ehibition with the local Artists, and It will be organized a "round table" with the experts, like a representative of the Louvre Museum, the President of the Academy of Carrara, and many others, which will compete with the Artists and the audience. Where all the Artsists can explane about the themself experiences, showing all the new used techniques.

More information: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ytaezyirgltmpyk/ENProject%20Abstarct%20-%20from%20Marble%20to%20Digital%2C%20Evolution%20in%20the%20Art%20-%20AssEN.pdf?dl=0


Associazione Rosalda Gilardi Bernocco

Cristiano Merra

Via Cugnia 1275, 55047 Querceta Seravezza LU

-0039 0584 881336

Email: museogilardi@gmail.com


Publicado por europa en mayo 3, 2016