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Culture. Romania

Title: Digital Platform for a Romanian library

Description of the Project: A library from Romania wishes to take part in projects which develop children programs, workshops for youth, and new services for the seniors in the community.

They would like to develop a digital platform for the public access, in collaboration with the private sector focused on IT and robotics.

Therefore, any European partner would help to expand the library’s visibility outside the region. They are as well in search of projects focused on the exchange of good practices and the acquirement of new competences, for instance in the implementation of educative-cultural projects.

Partner Sought: Libraries, Cultural Heritage, educational or pedagogic organisations, Local and Regional Authorities, other institutions interested in the field of children’s culture or seniors

Deadline: 09/2019


 Radu Mihaela-manager

Str. Erou Calin Catalin, no.1, cod 100067, Ploiesti, Prahova, Romania





Publicado por europa en junio 11, 2019