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Description of the project: Project idea adressing the issue of the II World War. The applicant is the City of Nova Gorica and they are looking for partners from cities, which are situated directly on borders or have even been divided by the border after the WW II.

Objectives of the project:: After WWII, the borders in Europe were redrawn. Many cities were divided and each of them has its own story.
The main aim of the project is to create a network of cities that share the same history. The idea is to collect testimonies of people living in this area and present them to the generation of today in order to preserve the memory of WWII.

One of the main activities is to collect testimonies of citizens who experienced the post-war situation, eternalise their strories, preserving them for the future generations. The project will recall memories of the post-war era and the life along the borders. Furthermore, it will raise awareness among young generation.

Nova Gorica, the city situated in the western part of Slovenia, adjacent to the border with Italy, has been collecting witnesses of that period for years. Many of them are related to smuggling goods from the neighbouring city of Gorizia, a phenomenon that became common as a consequence of a porous border.
In the premises of the former customs office, an expert film crew holds the so called »confessionnals«. These events are intended for the citizens, who can speak about their experiences and bring documentary material. Confessions are recorded and form an extensive archive of materials.

The idea is to transfer the practice of »confessionals« to other partner cities.  Documentary  material would be presented on a common platform and at a common information point, located in the premises of the former customs office  in Nova Gorica.  Eventually, the place will become a museum of smuggling, that is typical of this area.

Deadline: 01/03/2015


Tea Podobnik


Publicado por europa en febrero 20, 2015