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Culture. Slovenia.

Title: “Flux Zone Unity”


Description of the project/Partner sought: Flux is a state of constant flow, change, movement and passage. With this project we want to redirect the flow of today's society in to unity and understanding.

Flux is a state of constant flow, change, movement and passage. Young people are in a constant state of learning, growing and acceptance, whit this project we want to create a creative space (with no real boundaries) where the flow of acceptance and unity is available to everyone no matter the race, sex or religious beliefs.

»Flux zone unity« is a EVS project that involves 3 EVS volunteers who will be working in the filed of creativity, theater,project development, expression and understanding the importance of unity and tolerance in today's society. The project aims to bring understanding among the community about tolerance towards migration, differences in race, culture, age and sex trough creating an interactive space of unity with the use of creative tools such as theater, installation, sound and video.

The project is constructed of two parts.

1. The project involves 2 local partners (Cultural center Trbovlje and Youth theater »Svoboda«) and the youth center of Trbovlje. Each EVS volunteer would carry out their service in one of the 3 organizations 3 days a week.


2. The 2 days left in the week all 3 volunteers would be working on a project that brings together their hosting organizations in to one project, which result would be a interactive installation with a hint of performance arts. Time spent planning the project would be done in the youth center with the help of a coordinator


Deadline: 30/08/2016



Vesna Lenić Kreže

Youth centre of Trbovlje

E-mail: vesna.lenic@mct.si

Phone: 00 3863 5612 881

Publicado por europa en julio 14, 2016