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Erasmus+. United Kingdom.


“Writing for wellbeing”

Description of the project:

Shown to improve physical, mental and social wellbeing, literature and writing are forces for great things, and that's what they want to help young people to discover in this exchange.

They will be taken to discover historic and cultural figures, putting words into context. They'll learn new writing techniques and ways to communicate. They'll be able to quieten their own inner critic, and explore new ideas that will lead to bigger things. Guided writing activities and projects are designed to foster personal growth and wellbeing, whilst trips and visits will expand appreciation of the literary world.

During the exchange participants will be encouraged to have reflection periods of their own wellbeing and development.

The final result of the project will include a creation of a PDF book that can be published.

Partner sought:

They are searching for sending organisations and youth groups, especially those who include people with fewer opportunities, that have a passion for creativity and personal growth, and want to improve their confidence and self development skills.

Deadline: 30/09/2017.


Georgina Cooper




Publicado por europa en septiembre 15, 2017