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Justice. Spain.


Description of the project: A Regional Authority from Spain, specialised on Women and Gender Balance, is eager to be partner in any project for the next DAPHNE call (JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/SEXV).

Our Regional entity acts on behalf of 314 city councils and is a public authority focused on equal opportunities and women empowerment.

They would be eager to know more about projects for this call, and participate as partners in it, as they are also experienced in European projects (also in DAPHNE). We know they might be a little late, but they are really interested and can have a great impact with the project in Spain. 


Vanessa Vallejos
AGP Group
C/Descalzos 39 bajo
31001 Pamplona (Navarra) SPAIN
Tf: +34 948 228009
Fax: +34 948 213213

Publicado por europa en septiembre 24, 2015