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Education. Bulgaria.

Education. Bulgaria.

Title: "Training and Networking, Strategic Partnerships: Alex Rokoff Production”

Description of the Project: This project will allow participants to promote services and skills for potential students to continue their education level and use it as a knowledge support for intercultural exchanges and further actions.

This project is planned as form of serial the promotional films.We planing to make 20 episodes. That will allow colleges and universities to present everyone students to gain skills in their education and to discover how they can apply needed program

We Offer the participants a video presentation, develop new partnerships about promoting youth creation and expression through education.
Also improve the quality and quantity of formal educational projects.

There is open calls to all educational institutions, youth workers, teachers, educators, members of youth organizations and students to take a part in this project.
Planned budget per episode is 500 €

Partner sought: 10 more partners from CHINA,Russian Federation,Turkey, Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries,Southern Mediterranean countries, Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU, Eastern Partnership countries, Other countries in the World.

Deadline: 30/12/2016


Alex Rokoff Production

Miljan Mtov

E-mail: alex_rokoff@yahoo.com

Móvil: +381607610214


Publicado por europa en mayo 18, 2016