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Title of the project: "Raising Awareness in Global Youth"

Description of the project: Raising Awareness in Global Youth is a project by InterCollege

On behalf of the Danish UNA we are looking for partners for a project which includes two trainings. One in Moldova and one in Dk

The United Nations (hereafter UN), as an intergovernmental organization that promotes international co-operation, is an essential element to address solutions to the problem. For instance, the development of international law, one of the primary goals of the UN, is a tool that can be used to commit all nations in order to solve the migration crisis.

Nevertheless, the UN is a very big organization with 193 member states and 6 major organs. It is difficult to have a clear understanding of the UN due to its complexity and, in terms of its structure, is a very divided organization. As a result many young people have a lack of awareness of different global processes. Related to the refugees issue in Europe, there is a problem of conceptualization of the term 'refugee' among youth who wrongly consider them as migrants and as a problem, a risk to their country. Therefore, this project was formed in order to develop the ability of youth leaders/workers to recognize the importance of the UN and give them tools to spread the knowledge and educate young people to participate more actively in UN issues, as well as show more empathy and solidarity with the globalised world.

Thereupon, through this project the partners aim to increase the competences of youth leaders in order to promote the awareness to the UN actions amongst young people. This aim will be achieved throughout the following project objectives:
1. To provide deep knowledge and understanding to youth leaders about UN and its organization.

2.To give the participants facilitation skills techniques and tools to promote youth inclusiveness in UN affairs among young people in their local communities.

3. To promote European cooperation in the field of youth work, specifically youth social inclusion, solidarity and participation.

To accomplish the objectives of the project we propose two non-formal training courses for youth leaders: (1) an UN inside out training course, and (2) a training course on facilitation skills techniques. The first training course is concerned with the UN its organization, history and mission. The second activity aims to improve the skills and provide tools to youth workers to pass on the information to other youths.

Partner sought: 4 more partners from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries, Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU.

Deadline: 18/09/2015



E-mail: daniel@intercollege.info

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Publicado por europa en septiembre 16, 2015