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Education. Finland.

Title: “Corporate Education, e-Learning and EU”


Description of the project/Partner sought: Corporate Education involves learners as participants in generating new knowledge that assists an organisation to develop and evolve. Corporate Education focuses on developing the capability of an organisation to be able to do things and, in particular, the right things in order to be a sustainable and successful organisation.

eLearning solutions provide a number of ICT-based tools and platforms that help create interactive and collaborative courses, standardize the learning process and inject informal elements to otherwise formal learning processes. eLearning trends such as micro-learning, gamification, personalized learning can give us a vision how the future of e-learning and learning tools will be shaped.

eLearning solutions are widely designed, tested and used at universities. Now it's time to apply the best eLearning tools, technologies and principles also at corporations.

Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LUAS) can design and deliver capable and modern eLearning solutions for the needs of corporations and universities. LUAS can operate also as a reliable partner at various projects funded by European Union.



LahtiUniversityof Applied Sciences



Publicado por europa en enero 24, 2017