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Education. Germany.


Title of the project: "Request for an European Partner School"

Description of the project: The Anton–Jaumann–Realschule Wemding is a Bavarian school in a rural area providing general education. Currently 832 students between 10 and 16 years of age are being instructed. One important aspect of our school profile is music. Our target is to provide versatile education to the character of the adolescents not only to prepare them for school but for life.

A special feature of our school is the promotion of musicality. The profile classes of wind instrument ensembles as well as string ensemble, the big bands and choir are supposed to develop musical and cognitive expertise of the students.

The target of the project is to develop skills by using innovative means and to strengthen quality by mobility and transnational teamwork. Main concern is the acquirement of language, but always connected to contents of music and other topics of curriculum like history, geography, art. Linking language, music and other topics of curriculum occurs through a holistic approach und through linking-up two schools. An improvement of personal quality of rehearsing and teaching is achieved by collective work-out as well as by mutual auditioning. At the same time enthusiasm for acquisition and creation is raised. English language is means of understanding in collective projects.
Besides that teamwork within the college, with parents and external players is to be improved as well as the linking of schools and holistic ideas for teaching. Besides the use of English language music is to be experienced as an universal language and means of communication. Empowerment of quality by mobility and cross-border teamwork is another focal point: Getting to know each other and the different approaches of linguistic and musical education is supposed to strengthen the quality of the participants’ way of instruction and success as well as the participants´ motivation. In general continuous striving for the enhancement of quality of instruction is priority of school development of the partner schools.

Partner sought: European partner school focus on musical education.


Dr. Heinz Sommerer, Headmaster




Publicado por europa en junio 30, 2015