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Description: For 44 years Protypa Schools of Thessaloniki has been an educational institution for children of Primary and Early Years. The schools are situated in Eleones Pyleas of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city.

At the end of the Summer term a thematic English Summer Camp is available for children of primary age at Protypa Schools of Thessaloniki.

Each year the English Summer Camp has a theme, the theme is chosen to reflect European current affairs. Last year it was Space. This year, children attending the camp will be divided into groups according to their age, and each group will explore a European country. They will learn about the language, culture, traditional food, music, dance, sports and games. Additionally, with the help of technology, children will virtually visit European museums and the famous European landmarks.

Objectives: We would like to set up communication links with other European primary schools with the purpose of exchanging messages, opinions and experiences through the use of social media networking.

Partner searched: The schools that wish to take part in this exciting project will provide a video (with a maximum length of five minutes.) The video will begin by addressing the children of the European Summer Camp. The videos will contain a traditional European song from their country. After singing the video may include a message to the children. This is not compulsory.

At the end of the project the videos will be presented at a European Cultural Night on the 25th June 2014. This will take place at the town hall with mayor of Thessaloniki in attendance.  After this event the videos will be sent to the participating schools, which may allow the beginning of future link projects.

Deadline: We kindly request that you send your videos to connieantonakaki@yahoo.com by Friday 30th  May 2014. 

You can find more information about our school and our activities on our website www.protypa.gr and on Facebook  www.facebook.com/protypa.gr


Protypa Schools of Thesaloniki

Ifigenia Rizouli

Communications manager 




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