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Education. Italy.


Programme "Erasmus +"Action: KA2.

Project description:

The high school Institute “Saluzzo Plana” located in Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy.  “is looking for partners to develop the project "EUROCIOC”. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP FOR THE RECOGNITION, ACQUISITION AND CERTIFICATION OF TRANSVERSAL COMPETENCES ABOUT A FOOD TOPIC.


- to strengthen the level of competence and key skills relevant to the labour market;

- to promote the quality, the excellence and the internationalisation in the Education Institution and in the partners involved;

- to facilitate the international dimension of Education and Training;

- to improve the language Teaching and Learning;

- to improve the dissemination of qualification frameworks, of the recognition of skills and of validation of competences;

- to improve students’ school results, especially of those with a high  risk of early school leaving  and with few basic competences.


-  Individuate chocolate within the industry in terms of educational literature.

- Organize a stage in companies.

-  Promote the use of industrial/craft/ tools (also for people with disabilities) aimed at introducing students to the labor market.

- Reduce early school leaving, even those with disabilities.

-  Improve language learning, social inclusion, active citizenship, participation in intercultural dialogue, addressing educational disadvantage with inclusive education.

- Encourage creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and acquire soft skills.

Key action: propose a certification of skills, providing an evaluation grid that allows you to insert both non-disabled students in both the disabled through an interdisciplinary laboratory activities and internships at local and European companies

Number and profile of participants:

About 300 students of the applicant school (Institution of Higher Education with students aged between 14 and 20), 30 of them with special educational needs and functional diversity.

One professional association (Confindustria), one professional training agency (ENAIP), a consortium for social services (CISSACA), a special agency (Costruire insieme), and a consortium of fair trade.

Partner sought: school partners in Spain, France, Switzerland, England. Territorial partners in sector’s associations, in services, in professional training.


Mrs. Annalisa Pitisano

e-mail: annalisapitisano2003@yahoo.it

+39 339 8154545



Publicado por europa en marzo 13, 2015