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Education. Italy

Description of the project: Italy for EU, an international VET institution, based in Rome, is looking for partners for a new KA2 Cooperation project in Adult Education.

The project intends to increase the employability of people with reduced working capacity, and to facilitate their integration into the labour market, by supporting and disseminating good practices among institutions and organizations.The project’s activities focus on young adults who need to orient or re-orient their careers to cope with a situation of disability or reduced working capacity.

In addition to the implementation of inclusive employment policies, ensuring fair access to the labour market for these people requires action on training. In particular, the project aims to shift the focus from the individual's disability(ies) or their specific impact on the ability to work, to both the needs of the labour market and the individual’s personal aspirations.

Partner sought: Italy for EU is currently looking for associations, local authorities, adults’ schools, and university departments dealing with the above-mentioned topic.

Contact: education@italyforeu.org 

Deadline: Non specified

Publicado por europa en abril 14, 2021