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Programme: Erasmus+ KA2 "Strategic Partnership" forBasketballUniversityEuropean Network

Title of the project: B.U.E.N.


We are looking for University partners in EU/Extra EU to invite them to participate 

to a Road Map within our University Basketball Consortium. As basic requirements, each university center must have an internal address of studies aimed at specialization of basketball.Each university partner will select 10 experienced student basketball players, who have obtained the best results. The selected students will carry out a training course to contribute to their specialization in basketball, with the opportunity to gain credits that will be recognized based on an agreement to be signed among partner universities. 
We believe that the integration of training modules specialized on basketball in the study program of universities could highly contribute to the quality of the study program. 

Furthermore, it allows undergraduates and graduates the opportunity to become part of a team of professionals, following the model of the American College. Encouraging cultural exchange and student mobility among different universities in Europe will foster capacity building and sharing of good practices, which complies with the rules and cultural exchange policy of the European Union.Our mission is to disseminate the project among European stakeholders through conferences,meetings, simulations with flash mob incidents in the street. 

Contact: info@msvbasket.it

Publicado por europa en agosto 5, 2014