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Education. Netherlands.

Title: “Platform Maker Education Europe”

Description of the project: Maker education is learning by making. It is a creative way of supporting children to become inventors, which stimulates children’s intellect, hands and hearts. Over the last couple of years, modern technologies have become cheaper and easily accessible.Today’s students and tomorrows citizens and employees will be able to use these technologies to develop and express their creativity.  By connecting creativity and technology, children can construct their ideas and knowledge and develop into creative inventors and entrepreneurs.

We are forming a European consortium of educators, makers and researchers that will allow schools to build maker spaces, test new curriculum and build new structures for collaboration in their region, that will allow maker education to grow locally, bottom up. Through research and experimentation we plan to further knowledge on the learning benefits of maker education and create new educational materials that teachers can use in their classes. The project will further develop and support international networks where knowledge, content (curriculum, projects, formats) and inspiration will be shared. Teacher training will be a key step in the project. To achieve sustainable results we want to enthuse teachers and train them in maker skills and design thinking for education.

Partner sought:

  • Universities with expertise in design thinking/pedagogy
  • Creative industries: maker spaces, designers, entrepreneurs



Van Westen, Robin

Waag Society


+31 (0)205 57 98 98

Publicado por europa en octubre 11, 2016