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Education. Poland.


Description of the project: I'm looking for foreign partner to cooperate in project from Operational program knowledge, education, development with international component introduced within a Closed Contest Nr POWR.04.03.00-IP.07-00-001/15, Priority IV Social innovation and transnational cooperation- Action 4.3 “Transnational cooperation”. 
The project aims to transfer new solutions and their adaptation and implementation methods of learning throughout life worked out by the foreign partner in Poland. Cooperation with foreign partners assuming the transfer, adaptation and implementation of new solutions based on the assumption that one of the partners has: product, service, ready solution or a part thereof that will more fully, efficiently and effectively solve the problems identified. The foreign partner has the lead function, involving the sharing of their knowledge and experience with other partners, while also addressing specific benefits of being able to draw expertise from other partners on the occasion of testing their solutions in different conditions and environments. 

Partner sought: Partner must be from the EU country.


Małgorzata Gawęcka


Publicado por europa en julio 13, 2015