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Education. Portugal

Programme: Erasmus + KA2

Description: We are a cultural Association in Portugal and we are looking for secondary schools in other European countries willing to participate in a KA2 Project on the Development of arts among young people (drama, music, dance, painting).


1. Improve and promote learning through the arts in European schools;

2. Promote the creation of European work network, betting on the creation of cultural players (young students); Promoting transnational cooperation in the youth field. 

Topic: The challenge proposed to schools is that these foreign, during the school year, prepare a theatre play, a moment of music and / or dance, a cheerleader and a piece of art, respecting an existing regulation. Once in Portugal, schools will compete against each other, with the participation of a school from Portugal.

Subsequently, there will be a European Forum for the Arts in Education, which will be present politicians and government officials, in order to build a proposal for the inclusion of Arts in European education systems, through the sharing of experiences and realities of the countries involved.

Partners: Europe High/secondary schools (48 participants per school)

Contact Deadline: 15.09.2014

Contact people: Mariana Sá

producao@escoliadas.com ou (+351) 968924024 

geral@escoliadas.com ou (+351) 919357658

Escolíadas – Associação Recreativo-Cultural

Quinta dos Três Pinheiros, EN1, 3050 382 Mealhada

Tel:231 202 391 – Fax: 231 203 417

Email: geral@escoliadas.com

www.escoliadas.com - www.facebook.com/EscoliadasGliciniasPlaza

Publicado por europa en septiembre 3, 2014