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Education. Romania

Title: Internship Strategies for students

Description of the Project: The goal of the project is to deliver training both theory and practice for 140 students. Therefore, they project idea is to organize and develop programs and systems to learn while working, as well as to offer help service, professional orientation, and support activities to learn.

The project is funded by european funds through the Romania human capital programme (http://www.fonduri-ue.ro/pocu-2014), with 500.000€.

Partner Sought: Vocational training profesional  associations, Chambers of Commerce, trade unions, employers organizations, vocational training companies, vocational training NGO, orientation and labour conciliation companies or NGO, secondary schools or vocational training schools, based in Romania or, Spanish ones who are able to register.

Deadline: 25/06/2019

Contact: Training Center Nabil SRL

230026 Slatina - Rumania

Tel:+ 34 685 021 854/+34 642 701 585- +40 373741000

E-mail: proyectsrum@gmail.com


Publicado por europa en junio 12, 2019