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Education. Turkey.

Education. Turkey.

Objectives: We aim with this project to empower communication between parents and teachers by producing mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.
Nobody can deny the importance of Trivet in education (Student-Teacher-Parent) for the students' success at school. Communication between teachers and parents is very significant in this trivet and it has to be fortified to construct a strong trivet in education. Nowadays most of people use smartphones and tablet in their daily life commonly and we can use this state as an advantage to establish a good communication between parents and teachers. A simple application with easy interface can be used by many parents with pleasure. The more they are informed about the situation of their kids at school, the more they can contribute the education of them. We believe that good communication will bring achievement and decrease the rate of early school drop.

Partner sought: We need PRIMARY school partners. We have partners fromItaly,Romania,Poland andMacedonia.

Nilay piliçoğlu
R&D Deparment Project coordinator /BURSA Provience Directorate of National Education

Email: nilayceylan87@gmail.com


Publicado por europa en marzo 19, 2015