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Education. Turkey

Programme: “Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in the field of school education for schools only”

Description of the project: Ahmet Firat, a teacher of English and the coordinator of EU projects in Turkey, is looking for schools from Spain to join their projects as coordinators or partners. The schools insterested should choose one of the following topics and get in touch with him.

  1. Social inclusion 
  2. Local Songs - Music 
  3. Reading book, open air library, reading in nature, reading in public transport vehicles, reading in the town center, reading in classes, reading everywhere
  4. Migration refugees
  5. Active and responsible citizenship 
  6. Cinema and digital skills
  7. Entrepreneurship and volunteering
  8. Theatre and cooperative learning
  9. ICT technology Smart School – Technology in education
  10. Learning what you need in life - Practical Education
  11. Early school leaving 
  12. Preschool education
  13. 13-We are debating like the European Parliament
  14. Different Education Methods and techniques in early school Education ( Schulwerk, montessouri vs)
  15. Make learning easier by mobile Apps-Use digital skills effectively.
  16. Sustainable Europe - Brexit
  17. Math teaching
  18. Language teaching
  19. Developping tolerance and mutual understanding in Europe.
  20. Me and my imaginary world in 2036.
  21. Sustainable consumption and production
  22. Critical Thinking Skills
  23. No stereotypes in education.
  24. Storytelling 

Partner sought: A school from Galicia or Spain.



Ahmet FIRAT 

Mobile: +905066317374 

Email: ahmet_firat2727@yahoo.com 

Skype: a.firat2727

Yahoo ID: ahmet_firat2727


Publicado por europa en octubre 25, 2016