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Education. Turkey

Title: Science In Sports

Description of the Project:

A high school based in Turkey (Ayvalik) is the leader of the project ‘Science in Sport’, which aims to develop a formation, with two partners, on the multiple links between sportive activities and sciences: physiology, physics, mathematics and promoting individual, social and cultural benefits of sportive activities.

Science in Sport aims at raising awareness about individual, social and cultural benefits of sport through scientific knowledge.

Project’s details:
• Formation program: Preparatory meetings with a visit of the Necmi Komili Junior High School project team in the partners’ countries. Training of 12 pupils with their accompanying adults for each of the 2 countries for one week in Ayvalik.
• Pupils’ age group: 12 to 18 years old.
• Project timeline: until 2nd of March 2020, discussions with partners for the submission of the application. August 2020, partners’ country visits. September 2020: ‘Science in Sport’ formation.
• Types of activities: theoretic classes, workshops, sports, games, cultural experiences and nature activities.
• Projects values:
-Personal development: identify bad habits and recognize benefits of healthy, active lifestyle.
-Safety: manage health and injury risks.
-Tolerance: cultural interactions and exchange of information about traditional sports and games.
-Equal opportunities: integration of at least 10% disabled or disadvantaged pupils to the formation.
-Girls and boys parity: gender-fair education throughout the formation; at least 40% girls.
-Cooperation: promotion of team building and non-violent behaviors.

Partner Sought: They are looking for 2 more partners -junior high school(s) or NGO(s)- from different countries in Europe.

Deadline: 02/03/2020

Contact: Necmi Komili Ortaokulu

E-mail: nko.proje@gmail.com

Mobile: +905056271713

Mobile: +905457264828

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