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Education. Turkey

Title of the project: Empowering the Career Awareness of Youth Girls Through STEAM Education

Description of the project: The project aims to strengthen the awareness of making a career in the fields of science-technology-engineering-art-mathematics (STEAM) and to create career awareness of girls who continue their education in high schools and equivalent schools in disadvantaged regions.

In the project, face-to-face and online STEM/STEAM training activities will be carried out with stakeholders. In addition, it is aimed to guide young people about professional knowledge-skills and career development potential with experts working in STEAM fields. Activities include workshops, exercises, discussions, role-plays, simulations, outdoor activities, etc.

Partner sougth: In this context, the center of Ankara (Turkey), located STEAM Education Research Association, is seeking international partners. It will apply for a project within the scope of Erasmus + Youth (KA105) in April. 2021. They are looking for associations-organizations and institutions working in these fields.

Contact: steameader@gmail.com

Contact person: İsmail Dönmez

E-mail: ismaildonmezfen@gmail.com

Phone: 05059206341

Deadline: 01/03/2021

Publicado por europa en febrero 24, 2021