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Education. United Kingdom.

Title: “Supporting Transition towards Education Progression (STTEP)”

Description of the project: The project will aim to sustain a key philosophy of widening access to education that an adult with no or few qualifications from school can develop skills to progress to and succeed in higher education. The project will identify and analyse the key competencies required for success for adults returning to education and with the aspiration to study at degree level. The project will consider innovative and sustainable resources that will: develop skills that will allow adults across a range of education providers to assess their progress from informal to formal education, evaluate skills with education progression opportunities, benchmarking the learner’s competencies against quality frameworks so that learning organisations and learners can articulate suitability for progression.

Partner sought:

  • Adult education and training organisations
  • Colleges
  • Universities


Quinn, Andrew

Scottish Wider Access Programme (SWAPWest)


+44 (0)141 564 7206

Publicado por europa en octubre 11, 2016