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Description: The Agency of Environment and Water of Andalusia is a corporate public agency under the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Government of Andalusia, which provides essential services in the field of environment and water in andalusian territory.

Its purpose is to carry, by itself or through public or private entities in which it participates,the protection, conservation, reclamation or improvement of the environment and water activities and any other activity that is related or results from the above mentionated.

Therefore, the Agency has extensive experience and full capacity in the following areas:

- Waste management and planning, both hazardous and non-hazardous.
- Contaminated soils and recovery of degraded areas.
- The quality of air and water.
- Sewage and atmospheric emissions.
- Integrated prevention and pollution control.
- Climate change, including industrial emissions inventories, mitigation or adaptation or carbon footprint.
- Environmental planning.
- Urban Sustainability, including 21 local agendas, Plans of Action for Sustainable Energy, mobility, parks, etc.
- Environmental emergencies, including prevention and firefighting.
- Hydraulic installations and waste treatment.
- Management and planning of protected natural areas.
- Recovery programs and management of endangered species.
- Planning and management of natural resources.
- Technical support for enviroment training and education.

Objectives: The Agency is currently interested in the following topics relating to the call "Horizon 2020 Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials". Although they not exclude other options.

1. Waste: a resource for recycling, reuse and recover raw materials:

• Waste-6-2015: Promote eco innovative waste management and prevention as part of sustainable urban development.
• WASTE-7-2015: Ensure sustainable use of agricultural residues, co-products and by-products.

2. Develop a low-carbon economy by using resources efficiently with a sustainable supply of raw materials:

• SC5-4-2015: Improve air quality and reduce the carbon footprint of European cities.
• SC5-5-2014 / 2015: Coordinate and support research and innovation for climate action.
• SC5-6-2014: Biodiversity and ecosystem services: engine of change and causalities.
• SC5-7-2015: A more effective restoration of ecosystems in the EU.

Partner searched: Partners are sought to create consortia or to join an existing one to prepare projects of Horizon 2020 calls for the fields (without excluding others) of recycling and low carbon economy.



Jorge Soria (Junta de Andalucía)



Publicado por europa en febrero 10, 2015